₱ 2,250.00


Made with authentic Spanish leather and high-grade rubber tire soles, these sandals were handcrafted from the island of Menorca. They are commonly referred to as ‘avarcas’ in other parts of Spain or ‘menorquinas’ or ‘Avarcas de Menorca’ for those certified to have been manufactured specifically in Menorca. These are typical summer sandals worn for many generations by men and women in the Balearic Islands and are now trailing famous destinations around the world. Originally produced in classic leather with rubber soles from recycled car tires, these light-weight sandals have transformed with fashionable designs using various types of leather and trendy textile designs for that luxe beach look.

Made in Menorca
100% genuine leather

Menorquinas • Gold Glitters


    Product: Menorquinas Sandals (Handmade)

    Material: 100% Leather, High-grade Rubber Soles, Silver Glitters

    Use: Resort Wear, Everyday Beach Look

    Style: Gold Sparkles

    Colors: Gold

    Care Instructions: Love each piece. They'll last a long time.